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Attorney General Bill Schuette on behalf of the People of the State of Michigan v. Veolia North America, Inc. et al. – Pleadings

Attorney General Bill Schuette, on behalf of the People of the State of Michigan, has filed a civil action against Veolia North America, Inc., Veolia North America, LLC, Veolia Water North America Operating Services, LLC, and Veolia Environnement, S.A. (collectively known as Veolia) and Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, P.C., Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, Inc., and Leo A. Daly Company (collectively known as LAN) for their roles in the events known as the Flint Water Crisis, including but not limited to the corrosion of lead pipes, the leaching of lead into the water supply, and the lead poisoning of residents.

The complaint, filed in Genesee County Circuit Court (Flint, Michigan), claims professional negligence (Veolia and LAN), public nuisance (Veolia and LAN), and fraud (Veolia). Attorney General Bill Schuette, on behalf of the People of the State of Michigan, brings this action as parens patriae to protect the People’s interests in public health and general welfare, and recover damages for harms to those interests.

This is the first civil suit (there have also been nine felony indictments, so far) filed by our Special Counsel team. As Special Assistant Attorney General, I’ll be leading this civil litigation, working closely with Special Counsel Todd Flood and attorneys Gary Reeves and Don Sheff.


Attorney General Bill Schuette on behalf of the People of the State of Michigan v. Veolia North America, Inc. et al. – available at

Complaint Exhibits:

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  3. Removed
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Case Management Order:

In re Flint Water Litigation, Case Management Order #1 (Genesee Circuit Court, November 2016) - available at